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The Songwriter's Book aims to help you stay organized, but most importantly, write your songs! Many songwriters have an "idea book" for jotting down song ideas we want to remember and work on later. However, those ideas often get lost in a "pile of ideas" and never become a song. The Songwriter's Book helps the songwriter avoid losing great song ideas. The Songwriter's Book is a systematic approach from concept to completion. It helps hold you (the songwriter) accountable, ensuring your creativity doesn't go to waste by using a weekly approach for designated times to write and more. As they say, "there are five thousand ways to write a song…pick one." The Songwriter's Book helps you stay organized and helps you through the process of writing your song.


The sections in the book are:

  • Helps for songwriters

  • Songwriter's Ideas Section to write down your song ideas

  • Songwriter's Lyrics Section to write those lyrics you might want to use in a song 

  • Weekly Planning Section with aids to plan your week for songwriting

  • Songwriter's Craft Section where you can write the song and music charts

  • Songwriter's Weekly Completion Section with aids to help you start moving the song forward

  • Song Progress Section where you keep up with the progress of the song(s)

All of this is in the standard Songwriter's Book. The Songwriter's Book Deluxe Edition features Songwriter's Storyboard, Calendars, Venue Details and Ratings, and more. There is also sections to help you keep records of income and expenses for tax records at the end of the year.

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Songwriter's Book

6x9 Hardcover

Screen Shot 2022-06-08 at 11.28.40 AM.png

Songwriter's Book

8x11 Hardcover

Screen Shot 2022-06-18 at 8.39.40 PM.png

Songwriter's Book 

Deluxe Edition

7x10 Hardcover

Guitarist Writing Song


The purpose of the Songwriter's Book is to help you keep your newly created songs (as well as ideas for songs) moving forward, and to help you keep organized and motivated through the whole process. Most importantly, while writing your songs, have fun doing it. So get busy doing what you love doing because writers write. 

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